Who We Are

Investment Banking Firm

Epimoni is an investment banking firm whose core focus is structured trade financing. We achieve this effectively and efficiently by tailoring bespoke financing solutions to match our clientele's unique needs.

At Epimoni, we see trading and financing as an art that requires practice, skill, and passion. We create tailored solutions that provide clients with the financial infrastructure needed to achieve their goals in time while limiting risks and keeping the business running.

Over the years, we have developed bespoke solutions for corporate clientele with various needs. With these solutions, our clients can mitigate risks and maximize profit. Located at the heart of the commercial capital of Nigeria-Lagos, we have helped key stakeholders create tailored solutions to meet our client’s unique needs.


Where professional excellence meets G.R.I.T (Guts|Resilience|Innovation|and Tenacity).


Our Mission

Leveraging structured financing instrumentation to create financing solutions that are convenient, comfortable, and profitable.

Our Core Values

Our values aren’t just fancy words; they represent the codes that guide our every step as a company

  • Tenacity
  • Innovation
  • Resilience
  • Guts

Our determination is fueled by the tenacity to create lasting financing solutions for clients.

Our Vision

To help clients mitigate trade risks and maximize profit by developing structured and unique financing solutions.

What we Offer

A holistic financial plan is critical to individual success and generational wealth. Your financial requirements and aspirations are ever-changing, and you need a financial plan that evolves with you.

At Epimoni, we understand this and design financial planning solutions for simple and complex economic issues. We’ve got you covered- Whether you are working to achieve financial success or looking to protect your assets' long-term.

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